About HAN

Our mission is to advocate, with one voice, for policies that ensure the best care for patients and families facing the end of life.

We fight to ensure compassionate, high-quality care for all Americans facing a life-limiting illness by:

  • Expanding an ongoing and influential presence on Capitol Hill,
  • Mobilizing a growing network of Hospice Advocates throughout the nation,
  • Empowering, through new and innovative techniques, an interactive community connecting the public with Hospice Advocacy.

Read the 2016 Annual Report.

What is HAN? The Hospice Action Network (HAN), NHPCO’s lobbying affiliate and national hospice advocacy organization, is dedicated to preserving and expanding access to hospice care in America. HAN works to connect Hospice Advocates with one another, the media, general public and policy makers. The Hospice Action Network also provides Hospice Advocates with the tools they need to fight for Hospice at the local level, on Capitol Hill, and online. (Read more…)

HAN Staff. We like to think of the HAN staff as lean, but mighty. There are only four of us, but we cover a lot of ground for our Hospice Advocates. We’re a diverse and passionate group…which puts us in great company with the larger hospice community. (Meet the staff…)

Media Resources. Click here for recent news stories on HAN, and for media contact information.

Donate. Why give to the Hospice Action Network? Your donation will help support our efforts here in D.C. and help build our growing network of advocates, so that we can continue to expand our community and build momentum towards a brighter future for all Americans facing a life limiting illness. (Donate Now…)