Join us in Washington, DC, on July 17th and 18th to advocate for
hospice and palliative care for all Americans!

Please fill out this registration form with your HOME ADDRESS (We will reach out to you later with questions about your service area) and YOUR INDIVIDUAL¬†EMAIL ADDRESS. If you are registering several people, or registering someone else, please make sure each person is registered with their individual email address. Please use the “Send Additional Confirmation To” field if you need to include the office manager or group liaison on the registration.

Once you complete this form, you will be taken to another screen that will automatically populate with your correct Members of Congress. It may take a few minutes to process the registration and generate the correct Members of Congress, so please be patient.

We have received a few emails from individuals that experienced errors with the registration form. If you encounter an error while trying to register, email to let us know.

Look for a Registration Confirmation email to ensure your registration has processed. Please email us at with any questions!

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