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Anyone can engage in advocacy for hospice and palliative care. We’ve created an easy toolkit for you to learn about our legislative priorities, learn how to be an effective advocate, and start connecting with your legislators. Check it out, and feel free to share it with friends and colleagues!


Download our Advocacy Toolkit here:

Then, use our templates to request meetings with your Legislator, invite your Legislator to attend an event or visit your program, and start building long-term relationships with your legislators:

Get Informed

  • Learn about the Legislative Process and our current legislative priorities

Find My Legislators

  • HAN works primarily with your Federal Legislators, that is, the ones who represent you in Washington, DC. We recommend that you contact your local state hospice and palliative care organization if you wish to connect with your State and Local Legislators


  • The resources you need to connect with your Legislator, including templates and webinars

 Take Action

  • Tell your Legislators to support and protect hospice!



Download the Advocacy Calendar:

Download the Advocacy Flowchart: