An Advocacy Message from Edo Banach

Dear Advocates,

I invite your organization to participate in the 2017 Hospice Action Network Advocacy Intensive on July 17-18 in Washington, D.C. This event gives hospice programs nationwide an opportunity to stand as one community and speak with one voice on Capitol Hill – a voice for the patients and families we serve across the nation.

We face constant change and uncertainty in health care and beyond. It is crucial that we seize the opportunity to educate policy makers about hospice and palliative care. And who better to tell the stories of hospice care than the nurses, social workers, chaplains, volunteers, and the many others who provide care at the bedside every day?

The HAN Advocacy Intensive offers a comprehensive educational program for beginners and experienced advocates alike. Attendees will learn best practices to become effective hospice advocates, and how to build relationships with policy-makers over time. This is the best opportunity for the hospice community to learn the skills needed to influence the legislators and staff who are shaping the future of healthcare.

Your patients need a voice in Washington. You can be that voice.

Please join us for the 2017 Hospice Action Network Advocacy Intensive.


Edo Banach, JD
President & CEO
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Learn Advocacy Best Practices at #HAN16!

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Registration for the HAN Advocacy Intensive closes in just 10 days.

That’s right, Hospice Advocates! Registration for the 2016 Advocacy Intensive closes Friday, June 24th. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn best practices in advocacy from the experts, and how your fellow Advocates have put these skills into practice. Attendees will leave Washington, DC, with more information and new skills, and you will be able to apply them at home with your state and local officials!

Monday, July 18, is jam-packed with educational sessions on advocacy and politics (and the difference!). Educational sessions include:

Engaging Policymakers through We Honor Veterans. Does your hospice participate in the We Honor Veterans program? Attend this session as experienced hospices offer tips and advice on how to involve Members of Congress, state legislators, and other state and local officials in We Honor Veterans ceremonies or events. You will also learn about a brand new advocacy resource specifically designed for We Honor Veterans programs!

It Takes a Village: Coalition Building. It is likely that you will attend Hill meetings IMG_7539with attendees from other hospice programs from your state or district. While you may compete for business back home, presenting a united front before policymakers is critical to successful advocacy. This session will focus on how to best work with other hospice programs, and feature case studies of the hospices engaging in coalition building.

Deep Dive into Hospice Policy. Participate in a discussion with the Hospice Action Network lobbying team and go into the depths of hospice policy. The panel will also comment on the larger “state of play” on Capitol Hill, and what it means for hospice.

All Hospice Advocates from NHPCO member programs are welcome to attend. However, we are currently in need of residents of Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming,  as well as parts of California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.
Travel assistance may be available.

Register here or email us with any questions!

The 2016 HAN Advocacy Intensive is supported in part by:

Hospice_Pharmacy_Solutions KinnserSoftware-logoHIGHRES

Welcome Back, Hospice Pharmacy Solutions!

Happy Tuesday (or what feels like Monday!), everyone!

Today I have the pleasure to welcome back an old friend to the Hospice Action Network! Outcome Resources was our very first outside sponsor for scholarships for the Advocacy Intensive back in 2013! Since then, they have continued to support this event and the hotel and travel for attendees who need some financial help to come to DC to share their hospice stories. Now part of Hospice Pharmacy Solutions, the team has maintained its commitment to Hospice Advocacy and is sponsoring the HAN Advocacy Intensive for the 4th straight year!  Read why Hospice Advocacy is so important to HPS below!

The Advocacy Intensive is an opportunity for hospice professionals to meet with their federal legislators to discuss how end-of-life care is impacting local constituents. This opportunity comes at a great financial cost for many hospice providers.

Hospice Pharmacy Solutions is once again providing scholarship funding to help defray the costs for hospice professionals to attend the Advocacy Intensive and meet with their federal representatives. HPS shared with HAN why they are continuing to support Hospice Advocacy and the 2016 Advocacy Intensive.

For those of us at Hospice Pharmacy Solutions, Hospice Advocacy is much more than a trip to the nation’s capital to visit with lawmakers.

 Hospice Advocacy is remembering the interactions – large and small – that go on each day between patients, families and hospice caregivers in homes across the country.

Hospice Advocacy is honoring patients’ wishes on the treatments they want – or don’t want – at the end of life.

 Hospice Advocacy is relieving pain and addressing symptoms so that patients and their loved ones live life to the fullest in the time they have remaining together.

 Hospice Advocacy is supporting those who are grieving as they learn to balance their lives while coping with loss.

 HPS supports Hospice Action Network’s 2016 Advocacy Intensive because we’ve seen firsthand the compassionate care hospice provides at vulnerable times in patients’ lives. We know that the stories of care, support and encouragement are the powerful tools that raise legislators’ awareness of the overall and ongoing benefits of hospice care.

 The entire Hospice Pharmacy Solutions team is proud to support HAN and wants to wish this year’s participants much success at the Advocacy Intensive. Your passion for high-quality and compassionate hospice care will drive the conversation to bring lasting change for patients, families and their loved ones.


Registration for the Advocacy Intensive is still open! We are currently seeking active hospice care providers (RNs, CNAs, social workers, music therapists, chaplains, etc.) with powerful hospice stories from NHPCO member programs. Travel assistance may be available. Register here or email us with any questions!

Video Message from me!

Nothing says “taking one for the team” like recording an extemporaneous video. On a day I didn’t wear makeup:



You heard right, we are soliciting comments on conferences: Do you attend them frequently? What are the hardest parts about actually attending a conference? The cost, the travel, the days off work? Is your program supportive? What are the best and worst parts of conferences? If you have attended the Advocacy Intensive before, what did you like/dislike?

Please let us know in the comments! We are just starting to plan for the 2016 Advocacy Intensive and want to make sure we hear from you!

What is the Advocacy Intensive and Why Should I Go?

Ten things you should know about the 2016 Advocacy Intensive:

  1. It is at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on Monday and Tuesday, July 18th and 19th, 2016.

Ok, that is an easy one. Here are ten other things you might not have known:

  1. It is Free. And we feed you.
  2. We schedule all your Congressional Meetings for you: so no stress for you!
  3. We spend ALL DAY Monday training you on policy and Congress: so, still no stress for you!
  4. Approximately 60% of attendees are first-timers, so you will have PLENTY of other newbies to hang out with, and a good portion of veterans to ask questions of!
  5. Many people attend without knowing anyone else, but leave with several new friends!
  6. We have attendees from all disciplines: nurses, CNAs, chaplains, physicians, volunteers, patients’ families, social workers, and more!
  7. We come with you to the Hill for your meetings, so you aren’t alone
  8. We have entertainment Monday night, and Tuesday morning!
  9. There is no snow in July in Washington, DC.
  10. The hotel is right in between Union Station and Capitol Hill, so you can see a lot of the city while you are here!

Still have questions? Email me! Registration is still open, so sign up today!

The New York delegation had a blast last year!
The New York delegation had a blast last year!