Dying at Home Brings More Peace, says British Study

A new study recently published in the journal¬†BMC Medicine¬†indicates that, “People who die at home experience more peace in their final days and hours than they would in a hospital, and with no greater pain.”

USNews has an article on the study, and quotes NHPCO’s Don Schumacher: “The smells, the familiarity, the comfort, the love, the things they’ve helped to create, the garden they’ve built — all of this is around them,” Schumacher said. “It creates such a sense of accomplishment and nurturing and caring.”

download (1)Unfortunately, not everyone is educated about dying-at-home as an option. People need to have discussions about their wishes for their end-of-life experience, and plan in advance to make that possible. Additionally, relatives need to accept that a loved-one’s condition is terminal, and honor their wishes to be home rather than in a hospital in their final days. Health care professionals can play a key role in facilitating these discussions, and HAN will continue to advocate for the Care Planning Act so that everyone can have access to a team of professionals designed to help them manage their illnesses and plan for the end-of-life experience that meets their wishes.

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  1. This is needed today more than ever. With greater than 80% of people desiring to die at home but only 40% achieving that desire, we must continue our advocacy !

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