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Thanks for visiting the Hospice Action Network’s website! Our mission is to advocate, with one voice, for policies that ensure the best care for patients and families facing the end of life. In this section, you’ll find many of the tools you need to help you join our fight in advocating for hospice and palliative care in the United States. From grassroots tools, to knowing the issues facing hospice, to the legislation we currently support, to some basic information about what hospice looks like in America, you’ll find the tools you need to get going here. Click the links below to get started:

What is Hospice?

An interdisciplinary team of health care professionals work with the patient and family to design and implement a plan of care unique to the patient’s diagnosis. In addition, hospice provides all medications, services, and equipment related to the terminal illness. Hospice care does not end with the patient’s death; it continues with up to 13 months of bereavement counseling for the family and loved ones. Click here to learn more.

Understanding the Legislative Process:

Check out this video series on to learn how a bill becomes a law, and much more.

Supported Legislation:

In each session of Congress, HAN and NHPCO will issue formal letters of support for particular pieces of legislation that may be favorable to the hospice and palliative care community. Click here for a list of endorsed legislation for the 115th Congress.

Grassroots Tools:

Here you’ll find the tools you need to do your part in protecting hospice care. From the basics of learning how to get involved to tipsheets and letter templates, we have what you’ll need to advocate for hospice here!

Additional Policy Resources:

Like many parts of the healthcare community, hospice was affected by the Health Care Reform law. For information on this and other policy matters, click here.