Program Integrity

NHPCO and the hospice community strongly support policies that promote transparency, integrity, and accountability. Compliance with state and federal operating guidelines and statutes promotes trust and confidence in providers. Moreover, adherence to regulatory requirements protects consumers who are turning to hospice in increasing numbers at the end of life.

NHPCO-Supported Legislation on Program Integrity in Hospice

(07/13/2015) Summary: Hospice Care Access Improvement Act (H.R. 3037)

(09/25/2015) Frequently Asked Questions on the Hospice Provisions in the IMPACT Act

(09/15/2014) Hospice and Program Integrity: A Primer on the Impact Act (video)

In 2012, NHPCO responded to the Senate Finance Committee’s solicitation for recommendations on how to strengthen program integrity within the Medicare program. These recommendations are intended to promote continued patient choice, and preserve the existing trust and support of hospice as the provider community is called upon to provide high quality service to an increasing number of beneficiaries. These proposals are specifically aimed at balancing the need for appropriate access to hospice care and preserving the high level of program integrity that has been synonymous with the Medicare Hospice Benefit since its original implementation.  To read NHPCO’s comprehensive set of hospice program integrity proposals, click here.