Policy Resources

NHPCO and HAN work around the clock to monitor and move policy issues impacting the hospice community.  Some are straightforward and some are tremendously complex, so we try to do the heavy lifting in boiling it down to what it means for the hospice community, and the patients and families who depend on us.  NHPCO HAN policy resources are intended to educate a variety of audiences – the provider community, policy makers, and the general public. If you have questions, please feel free to email us!

Issue Snapshots

Medicare Hospice Benefit (Updated 06/2017)

Legislation Overview: Rural Access to Hospice Act (Updated 06/2017)

Legislation Overview: PCHETA (Updated 04/2017)

Issue Briefing: Hospice and the Medicare Advantage “Carve-In” (Updated 02/2017)

Hospice Compliance/Regulatory Requirements, with Medicare Reimbursement Changes 2009-2016 (Updated 07/2016)

Issue Briefing: Hospice in the Nursing Home (Updated 01/2015)

In-depth Analysis

Current State of the Hospice Community (11/2013)

NHPCO Hospice Program Integrity Recommendations (10/2013)

Analysis of Hospice Margin Projections (02/2013)

The Impact of the Health Care Reform Law on Hospice (12/2012)

Historical References:

Cost Effectiveness of Hospice (Health Affairs Study)

Duke Study (Cost Effectiveness of the Medicare Hospice Benefit)

Hospice Policy Compendium (NHPCO Members Only; Updated 12/2014)

NHPCO’s 2016 Facts & Figures: Hospice Care in America (09/2015)


Additional information and resources on specific issues can be found here.