Have Their Back

With the Advocacy Intensive ending two days ago, it may seem like the perfect time for those of us who did not attend to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, this cannot be the case. While attendees of the Advocacy Intensive were working really hard during their Congressional visits, we need you at home to call your Members of Congress to keep encouraging Congress to support vital hospice and palliative care legislation. By doing this, you are helping to show your Members of Congress that it isn’t just the people who traveled to D.C. who care about hospice and palliative care legislation, constituents at home care too.

So have your fellow advocate’s back and call Congress. Do it now before Virtual Hill Week ends in just 2 DAYS. All you need is five minutes and a telephone to be an effective hospice and palliative care advocate. Grab a few friends; find a phone and call now to encourage your Members of Congress to support vital hospice and palliative care legislation.

Click here to access the call module and connect with your Members of Congress now!

Be like Ryan Klaustermeier ! Have your colleague’s back and call Congress today!
Advocate for Hospice and Palliative Care Legislation.

Not sure how to proceed? No problem, HAN is here to help. Click the following links to access a script you can use while calling or learn some basic tips and tricks about calling Congress!

Do you have more than five minutes to spare? Take some additional time to learn how to be an effective advocate from home by watching HAN’s Social Media Session Facebook Live Event.

If you run into a roadblock or need further support, don’t be afraid to shoot us an e-mail or give us a call at info@nhpcohan.org or (703) 837-3142.