Jon Keyserling Steps into a New Adventure

After almost 19 years at NHPCO, my last day in the office is today. It is with truly mixed emotions that I am retiring from the organization, and beginning yet another chapter in my personal and professional life.

To say that it has been wonderful and fulfilling is a huge understatement. Believe me, I am taking away more than I ever could have contributed. For all that you have given me, I am deeply appreciative.

I was lucky enough to spend almost the past two decades advocating for patients and families in their most critical times, and the efforts, on their behalf, continually fed my heart and mind. Truth be told, I would have done it for nothing. It was that satisfying.

If, by chance, I ever came across as a tad too zealous (as a MedPAC staff person once described me), please forgive my passion. All I ever wanted to do was to have the “system” do right by those who were entitled to a better death. That was my goal everyday, and I will miss it.

There is a great team in place at NHPCO/HAN, and in my absence, they won’t miss a beat. There is new energy, new leadership and new direction, all of which will make their work even more meaningful and powerful.

I will miss all of my dear friends and colleagues from over the years.  We worked hard toward common goals, put our heads together, argued, laughed, grew together and even cried at times, and we are all the better for it, and I am ever grateful.

The other side of the coin is my excitement about forging a new path for Jennifer and I in Charlottesville. Getting together later in our lives, we are trying  to make up for lost time, and that is a goal that we are embracing everyday.

So, to use a well worn, but apt quote, “Thanks for the memories.”



In addition to his role as Senior Vice President and Counsel to NHPCO, Jon was also the Executive Director of the Hospice Action Network.