Kaweah Delta Hospice hosts Congressional Staff

Mr. Rudy Mendoza (center) meets with Dena Cochran (Left) and Susan Buscaglia (right) of Kaweah Delta Hospice.

Mr. Rudy Mendoza from Congressman Devin Nunes’s office met with Susan Buscaglia, MSN, RN, CHPN, Director of Hospice Services, and Dena Cochran, VP of Development for Kaweah Delta Health Care District at the Kaweah Delta Hospice in Visalia, California. 

Susan used the template Introduction Letter to connect with Rep. Nunes’s office, and was able to get a meeting with a staffer right away! She reports that Mr. Mendoza was engaged and interested, particularly in learning more about the We Honor Veterans program, as well as the Rural Access to Hospice Act. 

 “Even though I was a bit hesitant to send the Introduction Letter, I did it because I am always looking for opportunities to talk about hospice and advocate for our services.” says Susan.  “I was very pleasantly surprised and gratified to have such a quick response from Mr. Mendoza.  It was a great experience”

Thank you to Kaweah Delta Hospice, and to Mr. Rudy Mendoza for taking the time to learn more about hospice!

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