Congressional Calls- Knowing What to Say

Sometimes, it is hard to decide what exactly to say to Congress. Never fear! Below we have included a sample script you can use when you call your Congressman’s office.

Main Script:

Hello, my name is ______ and I am a ___(your occupation)_____ from __(Your town, your state)_____.  I am calling because I would like the Senator/Representative to support two bills of particular importance to the hospice and palliative care communities.

The first, the Patient Choice and Quality Care Act,  would ensure that patients with serious and advanced illnesses are empowered to make informed healthcare decisions, and can access palliative and supportive services that would improve their quality of life.

The second, the Rural Access to Hospice Act, would correct a glitch in the current law that prohibits Rural and Federally Qualified Health Clinicians from serving as their patients’ hospice attending physician. In rural areas, this is a significant barrier to hospice care.

We encourage Senator/Representative [______] to cosponsor both of these bipartisan, common sense bills.  If you have questions about either bill, please let me know, or contact Sharon Pearce at NHPCO at

Thank you for your time.

In addition:

  • If they ask you a question you cannot answer, you can refer them to Sharon Pearce,, for an answer.
  • You can ask for the Health Legislative Assistant’s e-mail before hanging up
    • “Because this issue is important to me and other constituents, I would like to contact the Health Legislative Assistant. Can I have their name and e-mail address?”
  • Please answer the follow up questions in the Call Module to let us know how the calls went! That way, we can follow up with offices that are supportive, or who may need more information.