Lessons Learned by a Fellow Intern

Much to other’s surprise, I am not the only intern working at the NHPCO this summer. I am fortunate and thankful to have two additional interns working with me: Hannah Winters and Kevin Curwick. This week, the folks at HAN thought it would be a great idea to hear from Hannah Winters about her experiences as a communications intern here at NHPCO. Below are her thoughts. Enjoy!


“As a summer communications intern, here at NHPCO, I have learned  a lot ranging from the marketing of a healthcare organization to understanding the need for an active presence  on Capitol Hill to ensure the quality of care for the patients we are advocating for. As the Advocacy Intensive quickly approaches, I have begun to reflect on the importance of our organization and the work that we do.

Prior to coming to D.C., I always thought the majority of political change took place inside the House and Senate buildings with hill staffers slaving away on new legislation. All of whom are attempting to attain the goal of effectively moving our country forward. However, my perspective has changed as I help and observe the political work that goes on here in the NHPCO/HAN offices. Here we also do similar work and put forth comparable effort to create the change I had always thought existed purely on the Hill. As an intern, I have begun to understand the importance of acting as the voice of hospice patients. I also have learned of the importance behind presenting vital Hospice and Palliative Care legislative issues to members of Congress on the Hill.

I look forward to this coming week. Listening and hearing the voices of hospice workers and providers throughout the country, their needs, and how they need the government’s help is a special interest to me. I see the Hospice Action Network as the middle ground, the ground that connects the people’s needs to Congress Members on Capitol Hill. Without us, and without our advocacy, I can’t help but wonder if the voices of hospice patients would be effectively heard. Looking forward to Monday and Tuesday, I hope to witness and partake in valuable conversations between our members and the Congressmen. It is my hope these lead to a better organization with increases in access, quality, and care.”