Protecting Pediatric Palliative Care

A big hats off to Dr. Elisha Waldman in his recent opinion piece for the The Hill, “Access to Palliative Care needs to Stay in the New Health Bill.”  The piece is a strong argument for protecting pediatric palliative care, and he gives a good shout out to the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act.

I definitely recommend it for a read and a share, and also wanted to point out that writing to newspapers like The Hill, Roll Call, and Politico is a great way to get your issue in front of members of Congress. They really appreciate pieces from experts in their field (i.e. healthcare practioners), addressing the real- world implications of policy ideas. Give it a shot!

Additionally, share this article with your Members of Congress! Email it to them, post it to their Facebook page, and Tweet it to them! Tell them why you agree with Dr. Waldman, and how this would affect patients in your district.