Take action below to help improve access to Hospice!


We have a brief script prepared for you to read when you call your Member of Congress. You can also leave it on their voicemail. It is easy, and they will appreciate your call!


Once you have made a phone call, the next step is sending an email to reiterate your request.


 Finally, let your local paper know about your support for the Rural Access to Hospice Act! Members of Congress read their local papers, and like to know what their constituents are talking about. Especially if your Member of Congress is already a cosponsor, please consider adding that additional level of Advocacy by sending a Letter to the Editor.


Want to know more about this proposed legislation? Check out our brief one-pager on the Rural Access to Hospice Act. You can also follow its progress using our Legislation Tracker!


Don’t forget to share the Rural Action Center on Facebook and Twitter to help get even more support for #HelpRuralHospice!