What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family. For Elaine, it means giving back to an organization that cared for her mother, who could experience a family wedding thanks to hospice.

Story submitted by Faith Hospice in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Elaine has been with us since early 2018, serving in a variety of roles from Visitor Companion, participating in 11th Hour vigils, and baking delicious treats for patients and their families to sewing blessing bags and clothing protectors.

Elaine, like many of our volunteers, has deep, personal experience with hospice. Both her mother and mother-in-law lived out their last few days in hospice.

“I am grateful for the comfort it provided my loved ones,” Elaine said. “My mother was so happy at Trillium [Faith Hospice’s inpatient facility]. I wanted to return the gift. I love being with the elderly and have many years of experience being a caregiver, including my disabled son.”

Elaine has a cherished memory while her mother, Carolyn, was at Trillium. Her daughter had set a date for her wedding. “My mother had every intention of attending the wedding come hell or high water. She was not going to miss it,” Elaine said. Carolyn had her dress ready and had even scheduled an ambulatory cab to pick her up. But it was not meant to be, as the night before the wedding, her doctor determined that she was not strong enough to make the trip. That did not stop her mother from participating.

Barely missing a beat, Carolyn put on her dress and requested pizza to be delivered for any guests who stopped by to celebrate with her. Trillium staff brought in pizza and a computer, and the event was skyped for her mother and all staff to witness. It was a sight to behold. Guests waved at Carolyn throughout the ceremony, many stopping by Trillium later bringing their celebratory joy and love. “My mother made it to the wedding, I will never forget that day,” Elaine said. Faith Hospice staff will also never forget this memorable day; it was one for the ages.