First off, we have TWO new cosponsors on the Rural Access to Hospice Act:

Rep. Welch, Peter [D-VT-At Large] 09/11/2019
Rep. Gonzalez, Vicente [D-TX-15] 09/11/2019

AND FOURTEEN new cosponsors on PCHETA!: Ten from the House:

Rep. Deutch, Theodore E. [D-FL-22] 09/09/2019
Rep. Cox, TJ [D-CA-21] 09/09/2019
Rep. Williams, Roger [R-TX-25] 09/09/2019
Rep. Crawford, Eric A. “Rick” [R-AR-1] 09/10/2019
Rep. Johnson, Dusty [R-SD-At Large] 09/10/2019
Rep. Balderson, Troy [R-OH-12] 09/10/2019
Rep. Bacon, Don [R-NE-2] 09/11/2019
Rep. Aguilar, Pete [D-CA-31] 09/11/2019
Rep. Bass, Karen [D-CA-37] 09/11/2019
Rep. Crist, Charlie [D-FL-13] 09/11/2019

And FOUR from the Senate:

Sen. Murkowski, Lisa [R-AK] 09/11/2019
Sen. Stabenow, Debbie [D-MI] 09/11/2019

Sen. Crapo, Michael [R-ID] 

Sen. Leahy, Patrick [D-VT] 

Additionally, over 350 advocates have participated in Virtual Hill Week, and have taken over 2,250 Advocacy Actions!

Can we get that up to 500 Advocates? We specifically need people in the following states:

Vermont0 Advocates so far
South Dakota0 Advocates so far
Wyoming0 Advocates so far
New Mexico0 Advocates so far

Let’s finish strong! If you haven’t yet completed all the actions, please do so! If you have, forward our Take Action Module to a friend, and post it on social media. Finally, take a selfie with our MyHospice sign and tell us what #MyHospice means to you!

We have a whole day left on Friday, so please make time to be an advocate!