Hospice is healthcare that cares more and costs less. The Hospice Action Network (NHPCO HAN) is dedicated to preserving and expanding access to Hospice care in America. We connect Advocates with one another and provide them with the tools they need to fight for the hospice cause at home, in Washington, and online.


nhpco-podcastHear from HAN Executive Director Jon Keyserling and VP of Public Policy Sharon Scribner Pearce on their takeaways from the 2016 election that kept us all on our toes.  They discuss some of the outcomes of the election, what we might expect in the first 100 days and offer insight and advice for the hospice and palliative care community.





Action Alerts:

The Care Planning Act & Personalize Your Care Act 

Rural Access to Hospice Act

Learn about the full list of hospice-related initiatives on our Supported Legislation page!