We now have 289 cosponsors!! Just one more to go!

Thanks to your recent advocacy efforts during Virtual Hill Week and the follow-up efforts of our My Hospice Ambassadors who took to Capitol Hill to reiterate our asks, The Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (H.R.647/S.2080) currently has 287 sponsors in the House. This is great news, but we need 3 more cosponsors to hit lucky number 290!

What’s so special about the number 290? Well, in January, the House passed a resolution “creating a Consensus Calendar, which provides an alternative path to a floor vote for measures with 290 or more cosponsors.”

This means, once a bill gathers a two-thirds supermajority vote (290 cosponsors), a Member can file a motion to put it on the consensus calendar. 25 legislative days must pass before the bill is officially added to the calendar, but afterward the bill will be brought to the floor for consideration and things begin to happen quite quickly.

Given that PCHETA passed the House last year, it is highly anticipated that the bill will pass again with ease, it’s just a matter of it getting on the consensus calendar.

That said, TAKE ACTION NOW, and ask your Members of Congress to support hospice and palliative care training and education by cosponsoring PCHETA. Action Alerts will only be sent to Members who have not Cosponsored the bill, so if your Member is already signed on, be sure to thank them for their support!

We are almost there!