What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. For Best Hospice Care of Texas, it means celebrating their dedicated staff.  As Medicare’s first coordinated care model, we must protect the Medicare Hospice Benefit for programs like Best Hospice of Texas.

Below are stories recently shared by Best Hospice Care of Texas on Instagram. Each nurse featured took time to answer, “Why Hospice?” and share what hospice means to them:


Why not, hospice? I can’t imagine working in a career field that gives me greater joy and satisfaction that providing quality care with a quality team. It’s not just about what I can do for my patients-it’s about the entire interdisciplinary team that supports our patients and their families. We have the best of the best here at Best Hospice. It’s a privilege to be part of a team that truly loves what we do.


I chose hospice after experiencing it with my personal family. I knew I wanted to be a part of educating our community on what hospice does and the care that’s provided. I chose hospice because of the people I work with and the people we serve.


If you would have asked me when I started my nursing career if I would be a hospice nurse, I would have laughed and told you “absolutely not!” I don’t feel like I chose hospice, but that hospice chose me. I worked in home health for years and truly loved it- but during my time in home health, I witnessed many patients and families decline hospice care and all of the amazing benefits due to the stigma it has carried. I knew that I needed to step up and take part in changing the stigma that surrounds hospice and I truly feel that we are doing that at BEST. I love being a part of this team and have never felt as fulfilled as I do since transitioning into hospice as my profession. I love providing patients and their families with comfort and knowledge during their moments of vulnerability, sadness, and fear. It is such a great honor to be trusted to care for them at such a sacred time.


I didn’t really embark on a journey to become a hospice nurse-I just knew I wanted a change in my nursing career. After a few months of being a hospice nurse, I knew it was for me. I quickly found that hospice provides such a great support system for the patient and their family during what can be a scary time in their lives.


When I first became a nurse, I was sure I wanted to develop my skills as a labor and delivery nurse. However, I quickly found that I love the service and dedication to patient care that hospice provides. I love being an advocate for our patients and providing quality care and compassion to them and their loved ones. Hospice is my passion.


What made Hospice something I really wanted to pursue in my nursing profession was that this is something completely different from the type of nursing I have experienced before. I love that in this field of nursing you are not only helping the patients but the patient’s family as well. Knowing that we are helping a person live their final day with the most dignity and respect, is a very special experience.


The reason I chose hospice is because I have a passion for people. Being a nurse has been my childhood dream. Being a hospice nurse allows me to give comfort and peace to my patients and loved ones in their most fragile and vulnerable state. Hospice care has taught me to love more, laugh often and value life.


I chose hospice as a profession because it allows me to be the hands and feet of Christ every single day that I’m at work. He has given me so much passion and compassion for these patients who are nearing the end of their lives, which is truly such a sacred time for them and their family members. To be able to give them dignity and quality of life up to the very end is such a special gift to give.


Hospice is not only my profession, but my calling and my passion. I feel accomplished knowing that I can help people feel more comfortable and at peace before meeting our Creator. You meet people in their most vulnerable state, and I take pride in giving them a sense of relief when I arrive to and depart from their visits.

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