What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. For Betty, it means being able to sing along to her favorite tunes with music therapists. As Medicare’s first coordinated care model, we must protect the services like music therapy under the hospice Medicare Hospice Benefit for patients like Betty.

At Angelic Hospice, they provide a number of services that go above and beyond the normal services of hospice care. In addition to the comprehensive care the Angelic provides, they also focus on enhancing mood, increasing self-expression and having fun with patients with the goal of making their time in hospice as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Music therapy can provide emotional support and a place for healthy self-expression of positive and negative emotions. The music therapy process can also increase a patient’s self-esteem by stimulating memory recall of familiar songs and melodies.

In the video below, Angelic Hospice patient Betty B. enjoys her favorite songs with Rowan University music therapy student and volunteer Tori Baccari; and Board-Certified Music Therapist Karen Melita, MMT, MT-BC.  Watch the video and listen to Betty and her friends as they sing along to “Baby Face” by Bobby Darin:

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