What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. For Cheryl, it meant being able to be there to witness her son’s graduation while receiving hospice care from Care Dimensions.

As Medicare’s first coordinated care model, we must protect the services like those Cheryl received in hospice through the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

Cheryl Lopez was a “supermom” who did it all. Single mom to son, Kyle, the two were inseparable and she enthusiastically coached his soccer teams, led his Boy Scout troop, took him on camping and kayaking adventures. Not even battling breast cancer for three years could slow her down. 

But in November 2018, when she started experiencing more pain from the advancing cancer, she turned to Care Dimensions for help. Under Care Dimensions “early access” hospice program, Cheryl could continue to receive some radiation treatments to help control tumor progress to relieve pain, while also receiving the support of the hospice team at Care Dimensions.

As her symptoms got worse, she was transferred to the Kaplan Family Hospice House for more intensive pain management and care. Kyle visited every day and slept over every weekend while the two stayed up late and binged watched favorite movies.

Knowing that Cheryl’s greatest wish was to watch her son receive his high school diploma, the staff at the Kaplan House contacted Kyle’s school and arranged a special graduation ceremony at the Kaplan House.  As Cheryl looked on and beamed with pride, Kyle’s scholastic achievements were detailed as he was bestowed with his diploma.

Cheryl died peacefully on March 11. “My mom was so strong,” said Kyle. “She wasn’t afraid of anything—even dying. She was the ultimate role model and her positive outlook on life is something I will always try to match.”

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