What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. This month, we asked the #MyHospice community to share stories about how hospice helped with the loss of a loved one. See some of their responses below:

“Our hospice facility took care of my husband 10 days and me a year. I stayed on when they started new classes a few weeks to support them in their grief. The support we received from our grief counselor was beyond anything I have experienced. Pat was so well-prepared and we didn’t just wallow in our grief but learned how to live again. Thank you to Pat, my forever friend!”

-Carol Kron Cook

“My hospice grief counselor and a hospice grief group leader have been so supportive and healing for me as I have grieved the death of my mother. Having my range of emotions affirmed and valued as a natural part of grieving has made me accept those feelings better. Without question, this has been the most difficult part of my journey thus far, so I am deeply grateful to Hospice for their care of my mother first and then helping me to cope. Hospice is a treasure in our communities.”

-Amy Maupin

“Hospice was so good and caring to me and my family when they came to help with my sweet husband the only regret is not getting them sooner. They were awesome and made you feel better about everything.”

-Tommye Kimmer Hipp

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