What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. This month, we asked the #MyHospice community to share stories about how hospice goes above and beyond to provide quality care for patients and their loved ones. See some of their responses below:

“I have volunteered for many years for our local Hospice and love it! At the present time I sit with a lady for an afternoon every other week just so that her caregiver/husband can have a break and run errands etc. He does everything for her as she just sits in her wheelchair, doesn’t talk but appears to be very content. Perfect example of good caregiver/good patient.”

-Mary Ann Evans

“Hospice care is the best thing established for end of life care. Everyone who does this has been selected from the man above – true angels. I have personally dealt with different types, including facilities, private, and organized care. Each and every one has gone above and beyond. We are blessed to have such wonderful people to choose this career. God bless each and every one of you.”

– Sharon Aburn

“Hospice was FANTASTIC with my mom’s end of life care. They were there for me and my family. I would not think twice about using their services again, if needed.”

-Vickie Crim

“Hospice was very supportive for my husband. They came to the house and the girl played her guitar for him. He loved music and it made his day. They made life easier for me and my family.”

– Anne Marie Vernotico

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