What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. This month, we asked the #MyHospice community to share stories about how they make the holiday season a bit brighter for the patients, families and communities they serve. See some of their responses below:

We have a “Tree of Remembrance” ceremony where everyone can take home a handmade dove to remember their loved one.

Ute Dedmore

Our Volunteer Coordinator arranged for one of our client’s outdoor tree to be lit in October because the client was not sure she would be here at Christmas. She engaged the local Volunteer Fire Dept, the Boy Scouts, the cable company and our Hospice team. We sang carols, dressed in Christmas elf outfits and brought cider and cookies.

Phyllis Tennyson Tarbell

We made Thanksgiving meal boxes for families in need with their loved ones on service. Everyone from our team donated items for the boxes and our team delivers them.

Sarah Gatza Payne

We have luminaries with names that line the walks around our office and a ceremony to light the yard and trees. Last year we had approximately 500 luminaries. It’s open to the public. We have refreshments and we give an ornament to each family to take home that has an inspirational saying on them. A beautiful tribute at the holidays!

Sherri Wilbur

To a few of our patients, we are the closest “extended family” they have, so we make it a priority to celebrate holidays and birthdays with them. This holiday season, we have a couple lunches planned with our home patients and have provided music programs with holiday music for our partnered SNF’s that bring a smile to the faces of all who attend. It’s a privilege to do this work!


Thanks to everyone who shared a story with us!

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