What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. This month, we asked the #MyHospice community to share stories about spiritual support in hospice care. See some of their responses below:

“I’m a Hospice Chaplain and it’s a such an amazing calling to help at the end of someone’s journey. To provide Spiritual support to both patients and families is blessing! 🙏🏽”

– Kelli Booth

“I’m a Hospice Aide. I pray with patients I take care of. My parents both had hospice and they both were well taken care of.”

– Judy Turner

“Spiritual care is the most important. If a patient is not content and ready to let go spiritually, it’s hard for nurses to find the right regiment to make the patient comfortable.”

– Brandi Lea Paez Gonzalez

“I have had two siblings who had Hospice, can’t say enough about the [care] they provided in every area including spiritual.”

– Sondra Sprick

“My husband is a hospice chaplain and he and his co-workers provide the best care, spiritually as well as emotionally and physically. They love their patients and the families. God bless all of you.”

– Lynn Erben Dusek Gillaspy

Thanks to everyone who submitted a comment on our NHPCO Facebook post! Stay tuned for a new opportunity to share in September.

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