What My Hospice means is different to each individual and family we serve. For the doulas at the Ascend of Life Doula program, it means creating a space for personal growth for their patients.

The Ascend of Life Doula program began in January 2018 with a group of six dedicated volunteers. After just a few months, the program was already growing and today, more than 70 doulas are volunteering their time across the country as part of the program.

Not only do the doulas support the dying and their loved ones, but they work to open minds and hearts to allow for personal growth within their patients. The doulas work to keep the continuity in care from the time a person is admitted to hospice services to supporting their loved ones through the bereavement team.

Ascend doulas have had a huge impact on the lives of their patients. Examples include providing support to a granddaughter who could not be alone at the bedside, helping an artist paint her last picture, facilitating and accompanying a man’s final fishing trip and so much more.

Below are some testimonials from doulas in the program: 

“I loved that the training was very experiential. I did not know what to expect and was prepared to have a typical classroom experience. But we learn better and faster when our mind, body, and soul are totally immersed and experience things at a cellular level. As I learned more about being a doula, I also gained a better understanding of who I was, what I needed to work on, and what strengths I have to fulfill my doula role.”

April, New Jersey

“My goal as a doula is to educate as many people as possible to become more conscious of end of life planning and care. My goal as a trainer is to educate as many doulas who are as passionate about this as I am and create a wave of love and compassion for all receiving this service.”

Kelly, New Jersey

“Doulas in our program are strategically trained in listening and the ever-elusive art of ‘being present.’  They can assist patients with planning their vigil wishes, life review and focusing on what is most important to the person they are serving.”

Marina McGough, NHPCO End of Life Doula Council Member

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