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The Choice to Keep Running: Advocating with Grief (1 of 2)

“Emilie’s illness felt like a race in many ways,” Trey Gibson recalls, “At one point during that race, someone asked me about how things were going, and I replied that I don’t like to lose.” After Emilie’s death, the Gibsons were determined to continue Emilie’s legacy. “My wife Candi and I just decided that we needed to keep running. We needed to contribute. We didn’t want our daughter to die in vain.”


Comments on House Budget Committee RFI on Reducing Federal Health Care Spending

NHPCO provided comments in response to a Request for Information (RFI) from the House Budget Committee titled “Solutions to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Federal Health Care Spending in the Budget.” Comments discussed the audit and survey burdens on hospices; the need for interoperability of Electronic Medical Records in hospices; regulatory issues; the need for continued…