Thank you everyone who participated in Virtual Hill Week and helped us complete over 3,300 advocacy actions!

Special Kudos to Massachusetts and Kentucky, who lead the states with 104 Massachusetts Advocates sending over 800 emails, and 66 Kentucky Advocates sending over 200 emails. And a shout-out to the at least 10 advocates so far who have had their letters to the editor published in local papers!

We had representation from all 50 states, so thank you everyone for participating! If you haven’t yet applied for your Virtual Hill Week All-Star Certificate, and entered to win the 50% off registration to the 2020 Leadership and Advocacy Conference, you can still do so here. Applications will close at 5pm on Friday, September 27 and a winner will be chosen next week.

After Virtual Hill Week, your actions were supported by the NHPCO My Hospice Ambassadors, who traveled to Washington, DC and met with their Members of Congress in person to reiterate our asks. With your actions and the support of our Ambassadors, we have added 29 new cosponsors on our bills:

  • 15 on PCHETA (House) and 6 on PCHETA (Senate)
  • 6 on RAH (House) and 2 RAH (Senate)

PCHETA is so close to hitting the magic 290 cosponsors number, we only need 6 more cosponsors! If your Representative in the House is not yet on PCHETA, I will be sending you a follow up email asking you to reach out. We can get 6 more cosponsors if everyone pitches in!

Additionally, if you didn’t get a chance to participate in Virtual Hill Week, the Take Action Module is still open! Please take action today and encourage your coworkers and friends to do the same. 

Thank you all for taking time out of your busy days to stand up for hospice and palliative care patients and their families. I hope participating in Virtual Hill Week and seeing our amazing results has inspired you to continue advocating, and maybe restored a little faith in our democratic system.